Florida Libraries Online Conference

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Photo of Bobbi Newman

Keynote: Libraries and Healthy Communities with Bobbi Newman

The Pew Research Center recently reported that health information is the second most searched online topic. Libraries are well-positioned to provide health information services and programs to improve health in their communities. This keynote presentation will explore the role of libraries in community health and wellness. 

Mental Health

  • Serving Patrons with Mental Health Challenges: Strategies, Community Resources, and Mental Health Advocacy at Your Library with Dawn Behrend
  • Trauma-Informed Approach in Libraries with Tiffany Russell
  • Research and Rescue: Steps to Creating a Roadmap of Self-Care with Sarah Fischer



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Healthy @ Work

  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries at Work with Linda Bruno
  • Wellness in the Workplace with Bobbi Newman
  • Self-Care 101 with Regina Burgess

Physical Health

  • Be Prepared for the Unexpected with Nicholas Fischer
  • The Librarian Is In: Health Reference for Non-Health Librarians with Carrie Adams and Susan Harnett
  • Naloxone and Its Lifesaving Impact to our Communities with Victoria Sims

Healthy Foundations

  • Can We Create Healthier, Productive and Inclusive Library Workplaces? with Elaina Norlin
  • More Than Programs: Marketing Library Services, Collections, Spaces, and More with Cordelia Anderson
  • Sharpening Your Organizational Skills with Linda Bruno